Brent Spence Bridge Corridor


Check out the below FAQs that have been submitted by residents of both Kentucky and Ohio. Have a question and don't see it here? Submit it here and we'll get back to you.

General Questions

What properties will be affected by the construction project and what is the current status?arrow-location-down
Why wouldn't this corridor be rebuilt entirely using federal or state funds?arrow-location-down
How will the project be paid for?arrow-location-down
Why is it important to move forward now?arrow-location-down
What about building a cross-county highway through Northern Kentucky instead?arrow-location-down
With all the trucks that use the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor and contribute to the congestion, wear and tear, why not just route all truck traffic around I-275?arrow-location-down
Is there concern over the bridge's safety?arrow-location-down
Will the old bridge be open during the building process?arrow-location-down
Will current highway exits be affected?arrow-location-down
Why isn't transit being considered instead of a new $2.6 billion bridge?arrow-location-down
What about a new bypass of greater Cincinnati connecting the Dayton area to Northern Kentucky?arrow-location-down

About Tolling

For more information, visit Why Tolls?

Why do we need a toll?arrow-location-down
Won't tolls cause more delays?arrow-location-down
Won't people just divert to other routes to avoid tolls?arrow-location-down
How much will tolls cost? And will they increase?arrow-location-down
Will semis have to pay a larger toll?arrow-location-down
How do you pay a toll if there are no toll booths?arrow-location-down
How do you pay a toll if you don't have a transponder?arrow-location-down
Will the tolling technology installed on the Brent Spence Bridge complement tolling methods used in other parts of the country?arrow-location-down

About P3s

For more information, visit About Public-Private Partnerships

What is a public-private partnership, and why is it needed for the Brent Spence Bridge?arrow-location-down
Will the private entity be required to set aside deferred maintenance costs for the bridge as a result of the partnership?arrow-location-down
I heard public-private partnerships can be done without tolling. Is this true?arrow-location-down

Business and Community Concerns

How will local businesses be impacted?arrow-location-down
How will the new corridor be configured to improve safety?arrow-location-down
Will any historic sites or areas be affected?arrow-location-down
Will local parks or community centers be affected?arrow-location-down
How much freight travels through the corridor each year?arrow-location-down
Will the bridge include a pedestrian and/or bike crossing?arrow-location-down
What will the new bridge be called?arrow-location-down
How long will a new bridge last?arrow-location-down
What are the economic benefits of the project?arrow-location-down



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